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TRANSCRIPT: an intimate chat with Sean Stewart...

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  • yahoo@arie.org
    So it s regular late-night #evanchan, 3am EST or so, and suddenly there s a netsplit and 7 of us are left in the channel. And we start laughing about it etc.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
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      So it's regular late-night #evanchan, 3am EST or so, and suddenly
      there's a netsplit and 7 of us are left in the channel. And we start
      laughing about it etc. when who should come in but Sean Stewart?

      *** SeanStewart has joined #evanchan
      <irwando> Hey Sean... that you...
      <SeanStewart> brief note here, guys--sorry we couldn't stop by
      <SeanStewart> (yeah, me)
      <wassy[in_and_out]> woah
      <rayven> hi sean
      <wassy[in_and_out]> hello
      <SeanStewart> but Elan and I (and i imagine a ton of others on both
      sides of the curtain)
      <irwando> heh, captive audience of 3. :)
      <SeanStewart> have broken too many promises to the regular people in
      our regular lives in the
      course of this thing.
      <SeanStewart> I don't know Elan's particular circumstances, but I had
      to go read story to the kids,
      <SeanStewart> and then watch a movie with christine, the one I had
      promised after leaving her
      <rayven> heh. wb taxi :)
      <taxicafe> Sean!
      <SeanStewart> at dinner LAST tuesday because Elan pulled me out for
      the last chat...
      <irwando> It's cool dude. Of course we understand.
      <wassy[in_and_out]> Sean: You've done more than enough already... we
      all entirely understand and
      are eternally greatful. We also very much appreciate the sacrifices
      you guys have made for us
      and for the game. However, if you have ten seconds, could you
      *please* tell me your favorite
      <SeanStewart> So, no hard feelings, and we would have loved to hang
      at EC; but other obligations
      <rayven> none at all.
      <SeanStewart> <goes to reead what went by while he was taking so damn
      <wassy[in_and_out]> And of course we'd love if you would stop in at
      any time.
      <SeanStewart> hard to call a favorite song. The one I heard the most
      on this project would be
      listening on headphones
      <wassy[in_and_out]> Ok
      <SeanStewart> with either the dobro cover of "Hey Joe" playing, or
      else "who Are you?" on really
      really loud.
      <SeanStewart> Oh yeah--anmd Eminem. LOVE that guy.
      <SeanStewart> <joke>
      <irwando> ha!
      <taxicafe> Sean here's an interesting one... I haven't gotten to any
      of your books yet. (I'm
      reading Cryptonomicon.) Which one of yours do you recommend I read
      <irwando> You guys handled that quite well.
      <wassy[in_and_out]> Awesome, thanks! If at any point you find
      yourself bored (not likely, we
      know), consider stopping by here... more than likely some of us
      will still be around.
      <taxicafe> LOL
      <SeanStewart> taxi: they're all pretty different. (Alas!)
      <taxicafe> My B&N didn't have any, so I'll have to order 'em...
      <SeanStewart> most like game: The Night Watch, probably.
      <SeanStewart> Most like Laia/Loki stuff: Resurrection Man
      <taxicafe> Nice. Thanks. If someone didn't give me a rec. soon I
      was going to buy Gaiman's
      American Gods next :)
      <SeanStewart> Most critically well-received: Mockingbird (by
      mainstream readers) GALVESTON (by
      sf/f readers)
      <taxicafe> Who better then the author
      * wassy[in_and_out] still has to finish Iluminatus before starting
      anything new. I think it'll be
      Galveston though, despite my Texas sentiments.
      <irwando> Don't insult the man's home now.
      <wassy[in_and_out]> I'm going to give it another chance.
      <SeanStewart> Neal Stephenson (who seems to get a lot o love in the
      channel!) wrote a great blurb,
      originally for RESURRECTION MAN: "Stephen King Meets Ibsen! Trust
      <wassy[in_and_out]> You live in Galveston? Huh.
      <taxicafe> That's the quote on your site too
      <taxicafe> of course... I'm left with no clear pick and will probably
      be reduced to
      "eeenie-meanie-minee-moe" then proceed through them all
      <SeanStewart> No, I lived in houston for 3 years, but am now in CA.
      <SeanStewart> that was the idea.
      <taxicafe> :)
      <wassy[in_and_out]> Congratulations on your escape (I lived in
      Houston for a summer).
      <SeanStewart> <smile>
      <SeanStewart> Wassy, it's like dog years. That's like living in
      Santa Barbara for like 38 years.
      <wassy[in_and_out]> rofl
      *** wassy[in_and_out] is now known as wassana
      <SeanStewart> OK, I have to go to bed now and wake up and write the
      AI game book....
      <SeanStewart> Night everybody...
      <wassana> Good night.
      <irwando> heh, then don't let us keep ya.
      <taxicafe> We don't want to keep you from that
      <rayven> night sean. thanks for stopping by
      <irwando> Gnite dude.
      <taxicafe> Thanks for dropping in
      <wassana> Yeah, thanks! And, well, thanks for everything.
      <SeanStewart> really truly likewise.
      *** SeanStewart Quit (Quit: )
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