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DeRuvo is rubbish!

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  • carolena5214
    I do not know who DeRuvo is, except that, having been friends with Clive Cussler for more than 20 years and having worked for him for 18 and a half years I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
      I do not know who DeRuvo is, except that, having been friends with
      Clive Cussler for more than 20 years and having worked for him for
      18 and a half years I know that noone by that name is in
      Clive's "inner circle". Yes, Matthew McConaughey "lobbied" for the
      role of Dirk Pitt (R) for four years but ultimately the choice was
      Clive's and Clive chose Matthew. There is no p.r. flackery here,
      simply the truth. Steve Zahn did not "lobby" for the role. He and
      Jack Black were both presented. Everyone said "thumbs down" on the
      latter; Steve flew out for lunch with Clive, Breck Eisner and
      myself. At the end of the luncheon, much to my surprise, Clive said
      yes to Steve Zahn. As I said, Zahn promised to get a perm and dye
      his hair black to look more stereotypically Italian, or at least as
      Al is depicted in the books. That did not happen. Still, the real
      Al likes the portrayal sans "the look", which I already explained.
      No, there was no lobbying by Steve Zahn. There was a one time
      meeting. I was there and I know that DeRuvo was not. The film is
      still in the top five after more than four weeks in release and is
      number one in numerous foreign countries. Does that make it
      faithful to the book? Of course not. But the film does have the
      elements that Clive always stated he wanted, opening with the Civil
      War scene, Dirk and Eva meeting as they did on the beach, the land
      yacht scene, sweeping vistas of the sands ala LAWRENCE OF ARABIA;
      the good vibrations and sound track of the first INDIANA JONES film,
      the "You and me and the Bay of Monterrey" line; the ending. Since I
      do not know DeRuvo I will assume that he was not inside my head at
      Mann's Chinese Theatre for the red carpet premiere. I was
      apprehensive. I did not want another one of my friend's books
      ruined. Having line edited the book SAHARA and, at Clive's request,
      having edited one of the Josh' scripts together with Clive's script,
      I am probably more familiar than most with what Clive Cussler
      wanted. Given the difference in length between a screen play (120
      pages) and a book (700+)I thought the filmmakers did a great job of
      producing an enjoyable, action adventure family film. Totally
      faithful to SAHARA the novel, of course not. But then I never
      expected it to be. Clive's books are too good; too intricate to be
      translated in whole to the silver screen. The good thing is that a
      whole new crew of Clive Cussler fans have emerged from the movie.
      The Italian publisher released a new edition of SAHARA days after
      the film's release. This is wonderful for the Cussler family and I
      am very happy for them. So, whomever you are, DeRuvo, stick it in
      your ear! Since 1984 I have always been loyal to Clive Cussler and
      I am still. I am also honest, that's more than I can say for you.
      Certainly you are welcome to your opinion but not when it comes to
      unfounded and unnecessary personal attacks. Faccia bruta, DeRuvo!
      Faccia, faccia! Capice?
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