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  • Vash
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      Oh man, this isn't good:

      The battle appears to soon be over. Dr. Cussler's publicist, Carole
      Bartholomeaux, announced that the screenplay is due sometime next
      week. All she said is that the writer, John Richard, (Nurse
      Betty) "is between a rock and a hard place." She also said, "Prayer
      is of utmost importance." Stay tuned folks. . . .


      10-23-2003 It appears that Hollywood plans on repeating history.
      Yesterday, on KGO-AM 810 San Francisco, Dr. Cussler was interviewed
      by radio host Pete Wilson. Dr. Cussler is in San Francisco as an
      honoree of the maritime museum. A gala event will be held in his
      honor tonight.

      In the interview, he talked about how bad "Raise the Titanic"
      went. He also mentioned about how he had casting and script
      approval for this film and the films that follow after this one.
      Now here is where history could repeat itself. Apparently, Dr.
      Cussler has already turned down 4 scripts and Paramount and Crusader
      Entertainment are going with a script that he really DOES NOT like
      and adding story lines that are not even in the book and taking away
      some parts from the book that they think isn't dramatic enough. Dr.
      Cussler also added that they are going to have big trouble if they
      continue with this script which is what appears to be what they are
      going to do.

      One of the original story lines in the book that they think
      isn't dramatic enough takes place close to the beginning of the
      book. It starts off as a group of tourists visit a village. Before
      anyone realizes what's happening the villagers attack and end up
      cannibalizing the tourists. The tour guide survives.

      Dr. Cussler stated he could not believe a scene like this
      wasn't dramatic enough for them. He also stated that their
      replacement was very dull.

      Now, in my opinion, if they keep going down the path that their
      going, we might be looking at another "Raise the Titanic". And all
      of us Cussler fans know the rest of the story.

      Thanks goes to Pete who told me in his e-mail that he is going
      to try and get the entire transcript of the interview. If he gets
      it and sends it to me, I will have it posted. Stay Tuned. . . .

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      > I was searching for some info on the movie and came across this
      > http://www.raisethetitanic.com/sahara/movie/production_news.html
      > Looks like they are keeping up to date.
      > basil

      ~ Vash ~
      "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would
      be a merrier world". - J. R. R. Tolkien
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