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Re: SAHARA, the movie

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  • babaoriely76
    I agree wait and see, if a few dont like the choice go bitch somewhere else. continually complaining about and putting down one of the best authors of our
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 14, 2003
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      I agree wait and see, if a few dont like the choice go bitch
      somewhere else. continually complaining about and putting down one
      of the best authors of our time, and most of our's favorite, stop
      reading his books dont go see the movie. You made your point you
      dont like the choice. MOVE ON.
      I'm looking forward to TROJAN ODYSSEY and to the movie then I will
      make my decide on if MM does a good DP.

      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@yahoogroups.com, carolena5214
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > For those of you who are disappointed in the choice of Matthew
      > McConaughey as Dirk Pitt (R), I am sorry. Mr. McConaughey has the
      > role. The only thing that will stop him from performing in the
      > is if the movie is not made. Currently we are waiting for a new
      > screenplay which is due Friday. Swamping Clive Cussler's E-mail
      > not a solution. This is out of your hands. More importantly,
      > Cussler has three books that will be or have been published in
      > He has a nine or ten city Book Tour coming up in November and
      > December for the next Dirk Pitt (R) adventure TROJAN ODYSSEY.
      > he leaves for three months on location to assure that the film is
      > the vision he wants. He will have at least two books published in
      > 2004 and possibly three. He continues to work on his
      > hit TV series THE SEA HUNTERS based on his best selling non-
      > books of the same name. www.seahunters.net He will not read your
      > mails because he simply does not have the time. A lot of actors
      > through the years have wanted the role of Dirk Pitt (R). For
      > reasons they were not chosen or were not available. Matthew
      > McConaughey has lobbied for the role for more than four years even
      > going so far as to be in a submarine movie set in World War II and
      > dying his hair black and going to Mali. I think he has the "fire
      > the belly" to do the job and do it well. He may be the Seabiscuit
      > no one else believed in. I was watching a Biography on Kevin
      > Costner tonight and no one believed that DANCES WITH WOLVES would
      > successful; all the powers that be laughed at him for even trying
      > shoot a western. They laughed at him for making a baseball movie,
      > too, because baseball movies never make money but BULL DURHAM
      > Then he turned around and made another FIELD OF DREAMS and that
      > money, too. Have a little faith that the man who has entertained
      > all of you so well for 30 years will not let himself or his fans
      > down with the movie SAHARA. Thank you all for your passion and
      > concern. Clive is not infallible; none of us are. He is doing
      > best that he can. And for those who feel it necessary to make all
      > the nasty personal comments I have been receiving the last several
      > days, I do not care what you say about me but I do care what you
      > about Dr. Cussler. He has been through a great deal this year
      > personally and he's still standing. He gives to more charitable
      > causes and individuals than I can count, quietly, and without fan
      > fare. He is as down to earth as one's favorite uncle. I am very
      > proud to have worked with and for him for nearly 18 years. Those
      > who have met him at a book signing will know what I am talking
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