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Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] SAHARA, the movie

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      Amen, Sister!


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      >Subject: [Clive Cussler fan club] SAHARA, the movie
      >Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 05:52:11 -0000
      >For those of you who are disappointed in the choice of Matthew
      >McConaughey as Dirk Pitt (R), I am sorry. Mr. McConaughey has the
      >role. The only thing that will stop him from performing in the role
      >is if the movie is not made. Currently we are waiting for a new
      >screenplay which is due Friday. Swamping Clive Cussler's E-mail is
      >not a solution. This is out of your hands. More importantly, Clive
      >Cussler has three books that will be or have been published in 2003.
      >He has a nine or ten city Book Tour coming up in November and
      >December for the next Dirk Pitt (R) adventure TROJAN ODYSSEY. Then
      >he leaves for three months on location to assure that the film is
      >the vision he wants. He will have at least two books published in
      >2004 and possibly three. He continues to work on his international
      >hit TV series THE SEA HUNTERS based on his best selling non-fiction
      >books of the same name. www.seahunters.net He will not read your E-
      >mails because he simply does not have the time. A lot of actors
      >through the years have wanted the role of Dirk Pitt (R). For various
      >reasons they were not chosen or were not available. Matthew
      >McConaughey has lobbied for the role for more than four years even
      >going so far as to be in a submarine movie set in World War II and
      >dying his hair black and going to Mali. I think he has the "fire in
      >the belly" to do the job and do it well. He may be the Seabiscuit
      >no one else believed in. I was watching a Biography on Kevin
      >Costner tonight and no one believed that DANCES WITH WOLVES would be
      >successful; all the powers that be laughed at him for even trying to
      >shoot a western. They laughed at him for making a baseball movie,
      >too, because baseball movies never make money but BULL DURHAM did.
      >Then he turned around and made another FIELD OF DREAMS and that made
      >money, too. Have a little faith that the man who has entertained
      >all of you so well for 30 years will not let himself or his fans
      >down with the movie SAHARA. Thank you all for your passion and
      >concern. Clive is not infallible; none of us are. He is doing the
      >best that he can. And for those who feel it necessary to make all
      >the nasty personal comments I have been receiving the last several
      >days, I do not care what you say about me but I do care what you say
      >about Dr. Cussler. He has been through a great deal this year
      >personally and he's still standing. He gives to more charitable
      >causes and individuals than I can count, quietly, and without fan
      >fare. He is as down to earth as one's favorite uncle. I am very
      >proud to have worked with and for him for nearly 18 years. Those
      >who have met him at a book signing will know what I am talking about.

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