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[Clive Cussler fan club] Re: Breaking News: McConaughey is Dirk!!

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  • flintderick
    ... playing- ... he
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 24, 2003
      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@yahoogroups.com, Thank God for a voice of
      reason! " Mark" "swaygirloz" <swaygirloz@y...> wrote:
      > how could a pot-smoking-while-dancing-around-the-house-naked-
      > the-bongos actor like Matt be Dirk Pitt? I'm not saying he's a bad
      > actor or anything... but as Dirk Pitt? I don't think so... I know
      > is probably WAY too old for it now... But i really think it should
      > have been Tom Selleck... or... at a stretch Hugh Jackman
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