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  • cusslerfan_jean
    Message 1 of 240 , Jul 14, 2001
      AZ�Long acknowledged as the Grand Master of the action
      adventure novel and considered by his fans to be the
      inspiration for his continuing series hero, Dirk Pitt �,
      Clive Cussler is celebrating his birthday quietly this
      weekend with his wife, Barbara, and family. In November,
      the author plans to really mark his 70th when his
      friend, Jeffrey M. Taffet, M.D., takes him skydiving to
      celebrate. The author is far from slowing down
      professionally either. August 13th everyone�s favorite hero,
      Dirk Pitt �, returns in VALHALLA RISING, a virtual
      E-ticket ride. Cussler, author of 17 consecutive New York
      Times bestsellers, has long since proven himself one of
      the world�s favorite authors. ��A master of
      intricate, audacious plotting and vibrant, rollicking
      narrative�� the Chicago Tribune. ��Cussler spins his tale
      with such seamless ease that you�re left breathless.
      Cussler is just about the best storyteller in the
      business�� New York Post. ��Dirk Pitt is a combination James
      Bond and Jacques Cousteau, and his adventures are full
      of get to the next page excitement�� New York Daily
      News. Cussler will begin a limited book tour for
      VALHALLA RISING August 13th in New York. <br><br>The
      release of VALHALLA RISING would be enough to keep most
      authors half his age busy but Cussler is putting the
      finishing touches on THE SEA HUNTERS II, his second
      non-fiction novel. This book chronicles the real-life
      adventures of the National Underwater & Marine Agency
      (NUMA), the 501c3 non-profit he founded in 1979 to
      preserve maritime history. For more information on NUMA,
      check the award winning web site, www.numa.net The
      original SEA HUNTERS spent 14 weeks on the New York Times
      non-fiction best-seller list and earned Cussler a doctorate.
      The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State
      University of New York considered THE SEA HUNTERS in lieu of
      a Ph.D. thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of
      Letters degree in May 1997. It was the first time since
      the College was founded in 1874 that such a degree
      was bestowed. SEA HUNTERS II should be published
      early in 2002. Cussler is also working on another NUMA
      Files adventure and yet another spin-off
      series.<br><br>In addition to his writing, Cussler is working on
      the production of CLIVE CUSSLER�S: THE SEA HUNTERS, a
      TV series based on his best-selling non-fiction.
      Produced by Canada�s Eco-Nova (Oceans of Mystery), the
      program has been sold to more than 100 countries and will
      air in the United States on National Geographic. It
      is slated to begin airing early in
      2002.<br><br>After turning down Hollywood offers for years, Cussler
      finally signed with Crusader Entertainment in May,
      authorizing the film production company to produce SAHARA and
      two others of Cussler�s best sellers. Paramount will
      distribute the films. Cussler retained script, casting and
      directorial approval so he has been working hard on the
      SAHARA script as well.<br><br>In addition to that, he is
      still working with his real-life NUMA crew. NUMA and
      Cussler were honored last August when the CSS Hunley, the
      first submarine to sink a ship in battle, was raised
      from her watery grave four miles off the coast of
      Charleston, SC and returned intact to the Charleston Naval
      Ship yard. Cussler and his crew found the Hunley May
      3, 1995, more than 131 years after she sunk the U.S.
      frigate Housatonic in February, 1864. <br><br>Publisher�s
      Weekly writes, �Clive Cussler has no equal�� That is an
      understatement.<br><br>Cussler divides his time between the mountains of
      Colorado in the summer and the deserts of Arizona in the
      fall, winter and spring. VALHALLA RISING will be
      released in hardcover and audio (tape and CD) in the
      United States and Canada by G.P. Putnam & Sons August
    • babaoriely76
      the stuff that CC comes up with is amazing sometimes keeps you on the edge of your seat alright. Baba
      Message 240 of 240 , Jan 2, 2002
        the stuff that CC comes up with is amazing sometimes keeps you on the edge of your seat alright. <br>Baba
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