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Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Betrayal by Eric Van Lustbader

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  • Ed Homa
    From Publishers Weekly In Lustbader s workmanlike second novel to continue the saga of Robert Ludlum s amnesiac assassin and spy (after 2004 s The Bourne
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2007
      From Publishers Weekly

      In Lustbader's workmanlike second novel to continue the saga of Robert Ludlum's amnesiac assassin and spy (after 2004's The Bourne Legacy), Jason Bourne joins the war on terror. Troubled by visions of a woman dying in his arms, Bourne seeks psychiatric help, unaware that the doctor is an imposter who has tampered with the rogue agent's already messy and incomplete memories. That mental sabotage is part of a diabolical plan by Islamic terrorists to strike at Washington, D.C., led by Karim, a human chameleon who has fooled the CIA—and Bourne—into believing that he's actually deputy CIA director Martin Lindros. Aided by an attractive fellow agent who manages to overcome her distrust of Bourne, he races the clock to uncover the traitor within the intelligence community. Lustbader is less successful than Ludlum in dramatizing Bourne's inner torment—a feature that distinguished the character from many similar thriller heroes. (June)
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      Book Description

      Jason Bourne takes a mission to rescue his only friend
      in the CIA, Martin Lindros, who disappeared in Africa
      while tracking shipments of yellowcake uranium. Once
      safely back in America, Lindros persuades Bourne to
      help track the money trail of terrorists buying the nuclear
      material in Odessa. But once there, Bourne is hampered
      by confusing flashbacks of unfamiliar places and events
      and he wonders: Is someone brainwashing him in order
      to throw him off the trail? Worse, is the man he saved in
      Africa really Martin Lindros? Now, Bourne is alone
      gathering evidence while trying to stay one step ahead
      of the terrorists who won't let anyone stand in their way
      of destroying the U.S.

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