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  • Terri Pascal
    -- !!!YAHOO UPGRADES!!! From: Yahoo! Groups Date: 07 Nov 2006 05:39:33 -0000 Subject: A system notification message from Yahoo!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7 3:52 AM
      !!!YAHOO UPGRADES!!!

      From: Yahoo! Groups <no_reply@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: 07 Nov 2006 05:39:33 -0000
      Subject: A system notification message from Yahoo! Groups

      On the morning of8thNovember, Yahoo! Groups will down for 30 minutes
      for a system upgrade. During that time the website will be unavailable
      but email to groups will be queued for delivery later. We are making
      the following upgrades to the Yahoo! Groups product:

      1) New Email Format
      2) Grouping Messages by Topic (Message Threading)
      3) Advanced Search Functionality
      4) Automatic Spam Suppression
      5) Integration with Yahoo! Answers

      1) New Email Format: Learn more about it here

      The default message format for Groups email will change to a new, two
      column structure called the "fully featured" format. We have also
      upgraded the daily digest to make the index clickable and to sort
      messages by subject as well as chronologically to make it possible for
      users to read only the topics they are interested in and to skip the

      We are also maintaining the "Traditional" Groups email format, so
      users Will have the option to choose the format that works best for

      2) Grouping Messages by Topic (Message Threading): Learn more about it
      here http://help.yahoo.com/help/uk/groups/messages/

      The new "group by topic" feature (or "Topic View") in the Messages
      section and on the Group Home Page enables users to find all the posts
      in a specific conversation (or thread) together.

      3) The advanced search functionality: Learn more about it here

      The core search functionality has been upgraded. It will now search
      the entire message archive of a group, no matter how many messages
      have been posted, faster and comprehensively.

      4) Support for Spam filtering: Learn more about it here

      Yahoo! Groups already routes all message through our SpamGuard spam
      identification and tags messages identified as potential spam. Now,
      these messages will no longer be posted automatically in unmoderated
      groups. Instead, they will be put in a special "Pending Spam" folder
      where a group owner or moderator can review and either approve or
      delete the message.

      5) Yahoo! Answers Integration: Learn more about it here

      Groups will be integrating with Yahoo! Answers through an "Answers
      Module" that will appear on the Group Home Page. Groups will have the
      Ability to choose the specific Answers category that is most relevant
      to their group. And as with all functionality on Groups today, it is
      the owner/moderator of the group that gets to decide whether an
      application appears in the group at all.

      Please alert your groupmembers to these changes, so they are not
      surprised by either the downtime or the new functionalities.

      Thank you,
      - Yahoo! Groups -

      Terri Pascal

      Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground!

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