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989Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Trojan Odyssey

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  • John Canning
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Yes Max is around a lot, but then so "AI" in real life. I was using computers programed with AI at least 20 years ago.

      timmcilveen <TimMcIlveen@...> wrote:Hi,
      I've just bought my first Cussler novel, Trojan Odyssey, after being
      blown away by the film, Sahara, which was great!
      The book has been a great read so far and I reckon that I will buy
      many more.
      One thing I did find VERY strange, however, and which made me wince in
      disbelief was the intelligent computer, Max, which was capable of
      human like reasoning, and apparently, the ability to conduct
      complicated scientific tests itself! I found this so unbelieveable
      that it 'pulled me out' of the story. I think it would have been far
      more believable if Max had been the director of a lab, rather than
      being a computer! Does Max creep up in many Cussler novels?

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