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98Re: Hello Cussler Fans

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  • babaoriely76
    May 31, 2001
      I am glad to see CC work on the big screen, I
      think Alec Baldwin would be a good choice for Dirk with
      green contact lens's of coarse and Dom Deluies would be
      perfect for St. Juliann. But the rest I'm not sure of, I
      think Al would be the hardest one to cast, someone who
      is 5'4" and built that way might be hard to find. I
      remember hearing an interview with CC in the S.F. Bay Area
      (where I live) and he said that he would never do
      another movie after what happened with Raise the Titanic.
      I hope he has complete control over the screenplay.
      I just reread Titanic and I think I'm going to go
      rent the movie just to see how bad it is. And did
      anyone really think that Atlantis would be the last time
      we see Dirk, Al and the boys? <br>Baba
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