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908Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Re: My First CC book

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  • Audralee Thorpe
    May 31, 2005
      I want to say Golden Buddah is the other one. So far I think that there are
      only 2 Oregon Files out. Someone help me if I'm wrong because I'll go buy
      it. Living on an island, I'm somewhat behind the times.

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      >silkwinddachs@... writes:
      >Being the pest I am, what are some of the titles within the Oregon Files
      >The only other one is Scared Stone published late last year I think. I
      >think there is another one. He did however write a number of other books
      >with the same author Craig Dirgo if I memory is correct. I think it was
      >the Sea
      >Hunters I and II. I hope this Oregon files series will continue.
      >Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections,
      >predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for
      >people to
      >live up to.
      >--Alfred A. Montapert
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