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826Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Sahara review

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  • Audralee Thorpe
    Mar 21, 2005
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      Well, commercial fishermen long line for halibut. They don't swim in
      schools they are bottom fish related to flounder. It might be better to
      think of them as giant flounder because we catch them anywhere from 50 to
      378 lbs each. The best one might do is hit a chick hole. Chicks are
      considered 20lbs and under. Most the fishermen I know want to know where to
      find those schooling halibut because halibut pay $6.00 a pound.

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      >Subject: Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Sahara review
      >Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:15:01 -0000
      ><That little slip up about the halibut
      >fishing really got him.
      >What was the slip up about the halibut? Just curious.
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