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748Re: AW: [Clive Cussler fan club] Steve Zahn = Bad Fit for Al

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  • Nancy Silk
    Jan 14, 2005
      The old movie "Flight of the Phoenix" is being remade. I just hope it isn't
      released at the same time as "Sahara." Because it will overshadow one of
      the most exciting scenes from Sahara.


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      Date: 01/14/05 09:42:44
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      Subject: AW: [Clive Cussler fan club] Steve Zahn = Bad Fit for Al

      "Raise the Titanic" was a rather boring movie indeed. After I'd read some
      Clive Cussler novels including raise the Titanic I was so excited to watch
      the movie on TV...but I was deeply disappointed. It lacked the excitement
      and action of the novel, and Jason Robards as Admiral Sandecker and Richard
      Donner as Dirk Pitt were very bad choises. As was M.Emmet Walsh as Al

      I think it's very difficult to turn a Cussler novel into a movie. Either you
      have too much dialogue and too little action, or you have too much action
      and effects and too little dialogue. Well, I think in order to hook the
      movie audiences around the world who haven't read Clive Cussler yet (most of
      the movie fans haven't, I presume) the movie will have to be full of nail
      biting action, suspense and impressive special effects. That's what folks
      want. But the story itself will probably be pushed far into the background.

      Let's wait and see...I'm looking forward to seeing Sahara...(which is one of
      my favourite Cussler novels and one of the most exciting. I bought it during
      one of my visits to England and it holds lots of memories for me as most of
      Clive's books do...)


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      Betreff: Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Steve Zahn = Bad Fit for Al

      I think Zahn was a bad choice also. I guess we'll just
      have to wait and see when the movie comes out. He
      definitely doesn't look like Dr Cussler's description
      of Al. I hope he is not there just for comic relief.
      Al is one of my favorite characters. In the books you
      always get the impression that Al is just as capable
      as Pitt. I have thought for along time that a book
      with Giordino as the main character would be just as
      interesting as the Dirk Pitt or Kurt Austin books, or
      even better a story with Zavala & Giordino as the main

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