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733Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Order ?

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  • Tim Hunt
    Jan 13, 2005
      Thank you Kathy... it is great to hear the opinions of all the readers... I have a feeling I am going to start asking all the questions in here now.... haha

      flutefacekk <KathyKirchner@...> wrote:
      Hi Tim, and welcome to the group with great taste! :) I don't post
      here much, but I've read all of Mr. Cussler's books, many of them
      several times. The first book I read was "Inca Gold", because I
      read a rave review somewhere, and the "Inca" part caught my eye, as
      I've always had an interest in civilizations such as the Incas,
      Mayans, Aztecs, etc. I fell in love with the book immediately, and
      promptly began compulsively collecting the rest of his books. Inca
      Gold is still my favorite.

      The list below is a great start. You don't have to read the books
      in order, but it's kind of nice to be able to do that, too. And
      let's not forget the series other than the Dirk Pitt Adventures. I
      personally am a big fan of the Kurt Austin series (mostly because I
      just adore the character of Joe Zavala!), and the Oregon Files are
      growing on me, too. I'm almost finished with "Black Wind", which
      I'm enjoying very much, but I'm waiting for the 'connection' to the
      characters of Dirk Jr, Summer, and Jack. Maybe that will happen
      over the course of further adventures, I don't know.

      There are also some non-fiction "Sea Hunters" books by Mr. Cussler
      which are fascinating. I hope you get a chance to read them all!


      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@yahoogroups.com, Jerry Matthews
      <hjm8163@y...> wrote:
      > 1.Mediterranean Caper
      > 2.Iceberg
      > 3.Raise the Titanic
      > 4.Vixen 03
      > 5.Night Probe
      > 6.Pacific Vortex
      > 7.Deep Six
      > 8.Cyclops
      > 9.Treasure
      > 10.Dragon
      > 11.Sahara
      > 12.Inca Gold
      > 13.Shockwave
      > 14.Flood Tide
      > 15.Serpent
      > 16.Atlantis Found
      > 17.Valhalla Rising
      > 18.Trojan Odyssey
      > 19.Black Wind
      > I think this is the order they were published, but
      > Pacific Vortex was the first one written. I didn't
      > read them in order. The first one I read was Treasure
      > and then Raise the Titanic! and I was hooked. I
      > haven't read Black Wind yet, but all of the others are great.
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