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550CC: Golden Buddha, Touring? (no spoilers)

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  • n_lives4
    Oct 6, 2003
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      Hey all, my name is Natalie and I'm new here. I've been a Clive
      Cussler fan for 6~ish years, which is about a third of my life.

      Golden Buddha comes out tomorrow, yay, hopefully I'll be getting it
      soon. I was just wondering if anyone knew if Clive Cussler was going
      to do a tour for this book release, and which websites/bookstores
      etc. I can find that information. Anybody know if he's coming to
      Boston, anytime in say, the next 4 years :)

      Look forward to 'meeting' some other fans (I tried to get my good
      friend hooked but it didn't really work... hmm)


      w h o p u t t h e f e a r i n h e r e
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