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540Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Re: Valhalla Rising

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  • Silkwind
    Sep 8, 2003
      Both my husband and I consider Clive Cussler our number 1 author of choice.
      Yes, his stories are complex -- so much so that I normally cannot remember
      the tales after I've read them. Even though I can't put them down until I'm
      finished. I do thoroughly enjoy them. And I've also discovered, because I
      can't recall all the directions that they take, I can re-read them and think
      I've never been there before! I can't say that about other authors. A book
      that one wants to re-read and re-read, is a treasure....

      Nancy Silk, Mini Long Dachshunds

      Welcome to the world of Clive Cussler. Dr. Cussler is
      known as the Father of the modern action adventure novel. Part of his
      international acclaim is his intricate plots. Leave the Vikings
      out of VALHALLA RISING? Then why would it be called VALHALLA
      RISING? Did you read the book? Take your time. These are books to
      be savored; not rushed through. Believe me, the plot twists and
      turns are worth it!

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