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434Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Digest Number 93

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  • Mark Notarian
    Jun 3, 2003
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      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@yahoogroups.com, James DeRuvo
      <jamesderuvo@y...> wrote:
      > First off, you don't understand the business.

      >Dah, Think I said that in my post. I only aspire the the hight's of
      corperate shill you have scaled so I can understand Rapeing art for
      Hollywood is going to cast someone who can carry a
      > film.Who can open it up and do $65 million in the
      > first weekend.

      > M McC can't carry garbage , he couldn't do 20 with Kate Hudson
      on the same bill!

      Especially when they're laying out about that to make the film.
      > On what planet smart guy the last large scale action film that came
      in at 65 million was Goldeneye and that was 10 years ago.

      That's just the way it is.
      > Prejudice,Murder,Theft and lack of integrity are "the way it is"
      also that doesn't make it right.

      > You cite the Christopher Reeve example. Well, Reeve
      > wasn't the star of that movie,> Gee his name was first on the

      Superman was> And Pitt is the star of Sahara. I'm still looking for
      a point here James.

      Sure, Reeve surprised everyone, but they also cast Gene
      > Hackman as Lex Luthor> Gene Hackman is a great actor but even in
      the 70's he wasn't a draw , gosh your an expert on the film industry
      I would have thought you would have brought up Marlon Brando to shoot
      down my argument!

      - as a sort of insurance. Even when Batman came out with Michael
      Keaton, the studio demanded a star be cast as The Joker.> But Tim
      Burton had the guts to fight for his vision and got it and walked
      when the studio demands were in his words "STUPID"!
      > Cussler wanted an unknown. As much as told me so time
      > and again. WHY DO YOU THINK HE WAITED 30 YEARS? He
      > turned down millions from producers who wanted to cast
      > Don Johnson (who, at the time was hot in Miami Vice),
      > he turned down Cruise, Stallone, the list goes on and
      > on.> And here I stupidly thought he was waiting for creative
      control so the studio wouldn't screw up the project the way Lew Grade
      and ITC screwed up " Raise The Titanic".30 years and 100 million
      books means nothing unless you have the guts to pull the project if
      there screwing it up!
      > You state "Maybe he doesn't understand the power a
      > hero has to motivate." You're kidding, right? He's
      > sold over 100 million books about a hero that does
      > JUST THAT.< Typical suit money again! Heroic motivation has nothing
      to do with finance! I would bet a walk through
      the ocean of your soul would scarcely get my socks damp!
      > Sure, it may be a flop.> If CC doesn't step up it will be a flop!

      Perhaps MMc is a bad choice.> Rice Krispies is a bad choice. This is
      a monumental Fuck up!
      But you're talking as if Cussler is the producer here.> Your telling
      me he waited 30 years and he isn't an executive producer? Even my
      brunch buddy Dean Koontz,(Your not the only one who can drop names)
      gets an executive producer position on his film
      projects ( see Intensity and Mr Murder)

      He wrote the book.> He Owned the rights

      He's not producing the film.> He needs a better Agent!


      PS Look James, Your a Suit. I'm 46 and retired. I restore the
      Airfield do a voice over once in a while and I direct radio drama. I
      see things as an artist, you see things as profit and loss. You can
      make art and money at the same time. It is just a matter of risk.Art
      and risk have financed my retirement. Play safe you may never hit one
      out of the park. Crusader and Paramount want this project. Cussler
      unless he and his lawyers and agent are complete
      idiots (which I am begining to believe is very possible) has much
      more power than you elude he should exercise it.
      That is where the 100 million copies and 30 years comes into play it
      means nothing if he crumbles like brocolli in the face of Horrific
      decisions.And that I would tell him that to his face.I imagine he
      would respond with a rakish smile and a punch to my right eye. I
      would counter with shprt jabs to his midsection followed by the
      inevitable roll around the parking lot,cuts,scrapes,bruises and
      after fight Newcastle's , stories of deep dives (Black Coral),
      Great Whites (The La Jolla Bank),Truk lagoon and drunken chorus's
      of "Ain't that a Kick in the Head".
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