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432James , you've known him for all these many years

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  • flintderick
    Jun 2, 2003
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      I have read all of CC books. I started reading them in High School.
      They inspired me to learn to dive and have done so all over the
      world. I have restored a 1949 XK 120 Jaguar, a 1957 Porsche Speedster,
      a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and currently am working with my Uncle
      restoring a Billy Mitchell Bomber and a 1940's US Air Force training
      base " Eagle Field" outside Los Banos Ca. Cusslers creation inspired
      me to do things I never would have with out him. Maybe he doesn't
      understand the power a hero has to motivate. Using someone form Texas
      as Pitt is just wrong it's like casting Anna Nicole to play Princess
      Diana, she ( Like Matt) may be a hell of a nice person but they can't
      carry off the role. Matt as Pitt will be Matt a short blond texan who
      fits in a hanger in Washington about as well as John Wayne in "I
      Claudius" You say don't pass judgement, sorry not going to happen
      there are too many talented unknown actors who fit and could pull
      this off and before you say unknowns don't draw audience I point out
      who heard of Christopher Reave before " Superman" answer no one! I
      admit I may not know the Motion Picture business I dropped out of USC
      film school when I realized it was an expensive breeding ground for
      the unemployed and made my living shooting videos and commercials for
      my Orange County 3 man PR and Ad firm. But I can and have been able
      to spot flops. "Sahara" does not bode well. And I'm am not cheering
      about it
      I wanted to see Sean Connery in "Night Probe".