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400Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Treat Williams ?

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  • swaygirloz
    May 6, 2003
      Dirk is a hard one to pick... The guy needs to be craggy... a few
      wrinkles... scars etc... but he also needs to be good looking... not
      a "pretty boy"... a guy who is not handsome to start with, but after
      a few minutes, EVERYONE wants to hang out with him.

      I remember reading once on a Cussler site that he did have Tom
      Selleck in mind when he was writing the books. (Urban myth?) But he's
      the guy I imagine when I read the books.

      McConahey is TOO pretty. And I hate to say this, so is Hugh Jackman.

      And as for Al... tough one too... a short, curly haired italian,
      built like a brick wall.

      Who's up for the Admiral? Rudi? (I always imagine Gary Sinise in horn
      rimmed glasses for him!)
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