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  • ajenkins282002
    May 2, 2003
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      Hi everyone

      I've just joined this group so I have a few questions. Clive is just
      about my favourite author. His were not the normal types of books I
      read. But one day I picked up iceberg and decided to give it a go.
      To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have all his books now.
      Does anyone know when his next book is out (does he have a new book,
      I'm only guessing). I don't know how I feel about Sahara being made
      into a movie. On one hand I'm excited but wary. I have this mental
      picture of dirk in my mind and let me tell you it does not look like
      matt, who I adore. I just hope that like most movies based on books,
      it is not a dissapointment.
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