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374Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Are you people on CRACK!

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  • travelershome
    Apr 16, 2003
      jackman is the only one to do this role. matthew is
      not the perfect choice by any means.

      i wrote to every jackman e-club and asked them to vote
      for him on the producer website. i wrote to the local
      man here in denver who owns part of the company that
      is producing. i wrote to jackman himself via all of
      his agents. all to no avail. he went right ahead and
      is filming that vampire killer movie which has been
      done. i also wrote to mr. cussler and told him all
      the above..for which i received thanks and
      appreciation...still jackman did not take the role.
      he is dirk as far as i am concerned. there is no one
      else who can really do it justice.

      what i would really hate to see is for dirk to be
      ruined again. he is such a distinctive character and
      could really be done well by jackman. foolish choice
      on his part. mr. cussler even delayed filming so he
      could finish x2, and jackman still did not take the
      role. this would have been the crowning achievement
      to his career and he chose not to take it.

      both his loss, ours and mr cussler.

      pamela shearheart


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