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367Interview with Clive Cussler

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  • Lance
    Apr 10, 2003
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      Hey all, I don't know if any of you know this, but I happen to come
      across a great interview with Clive Cussler. Being a huge audiobook
      fan, I've come across this interview on an audiobook site. You can
      find the interview at http://www.audiobookstoday.com -- The site
      itself is pretty nifty, with some great interviews with David
      Sedaris, Neil Gaiman, J.A. Jance, Christina Schwarz, Andrew
      Solomon,, Anthony Bourdain, Fay Weldon, Timothy Ferris, Michael
      Whelan, Sandra Brown, Martha Grimes, Sandra Burr, and Sandra Tsing
      Loh. And also some cool original content by Hal Glatzer, Robert
      Parker, Dean Koontz, Janet Berliner, Shirley MacLaine, and Peter

      Much Obliged,

      Lance Victor Eaton
      AOL IM: setgewick
      "Fate is what you let happen,
      destiny is what you make happen.