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359I just got Sea Hunters 2!!!!

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  • Adam <badad524@yahoo.com>
    Dec 27, 2002
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      Hey all-

      I can't believe it, my friend got me a PRE-Publication copy of Sea
      Hunters 2! It says on the cover "Uncorrected Proof for Limited
      Distribution". That means this is CC's original writing, no one has
      fudged with it! And to top it off, it's autographed! I about pooped
      my pants! :) He also got me a autographed picture of CC in a Hawaiian
      shirt! Looks like he's laughing, VERY COOL! I'll post pics if
      anyone wants them.

      I also want to put in my 2 cents on the Sahara movie. I felt a
      very violent urge to hit something with a bat when I heard Tom Cruz
      might play Dirk. I do not agree with this at all, however, I can't
      think of anyone I would like to see play him. After reading CC's
      books many times over, I have my own idea of what he looks like, how
      he walks, etc... So I'm just gonna wait and pray! I love the idea
      of Steve Buscemi playing Rudi Gunn. I have also been nurturing the
      idea of Brian Cox playing Sandecker. If you don't know the name,
      think back to the Keanu Reeves/Morgan freeman movie "Chain
      Reaction". Brian Cox played Lyman Collier, the head guy of C-
      Systems. Anywhoo, gotta get back to work, laterz folks!

      Merry Christman and Happy New Year 2003!!!!!

      Adam Braswell
      Sunny California