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  • w3526602@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2002
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      I'm a newcomer to this group, and may just be passing through. We've read all
      the Clive Cussler books that have been published (we think). My reason for
      joining this group as detailed below.

      Some years ago, I met this "old codger", who told me he had been in the RAF
      during the war. He was posted to an airfield somewhere in Scotland. All the
      aircrew seemed to have unlimited access to an old drophead Bently. When he
      queried who owned it, he was told that the owner had been killed when his
      plane was shot down.
      This Bentley was extremely rapid, he told me. Anyway, he had a few days
      leave (furlow), and when he returned to camp, the Bentley was no longer
      present. On asking, he was told that it had been driven into a nearby loch.
      End of story.

      I would be interested to learn whether a car that had spent sixty odd year
      underwater is worth recovering? Assuming that it is still there? Assuming it
      can be found?

      A "Land Speed Record" car, called Babs, crashed on a Welsh beach killing it's
      driver. It was buried at the site. This was sometime in the twenties. Forty
      odd years later, it was dug up again. Tyres were still inlated, and there was
      still a smell of burnt brake lining. The car is now up and running again,
      although it spends a lot of time on display in the local museum.

      Bluebird, Donald Cambells water speed record boat has just been dragged out
      of Coniston Water, is it forty years after it crashed at 300mph? All things
      it looked in surprisingly good shape.

      So, do I want to book a holiday in Scotland?


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