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298Re: Dirk Pitt candidates

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  • Todd Moody
    Sep 23, 2002
      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@y..., "courteney" <courteneycox@e...> wrote:
      > I do not think Dennis Quaid has the proper overall appearance for
      Dirk Pitt,and as candidates for the following roles I would suggest:
      A}Dirk Pitt Julian McMahon B} Loren Smith either Shannen Doherty or
      Tiffani Thiessen

      Well, I think we have a generational issue. Reading Cussler, I get an
      image of Pitt being in his mid-thirties, at least when in his prime.
      In the later books Cussler has him beginning to feel his age,
      presumably 40-something. An important part of his persona, in my
      view, is that he has "been around" and seen a lot. We read about the
      wrinkles around the eyes, and expect a somewhat seasoned,
      weatherbeaten look. Also, although he's supposed to be attractive,
      he's not strikingly "handsome" in a certain sense. Now to me Julian
      McMahon is just a kid, too young to be convincing as a seasoned
      adventurer. And he's too "pretty", too "movie-star" to fit the image,
      as I see it.

      I don't know how women see Dennis Quaid, but I don't think he's the
      too-handsome type myself. He has a bit of squint around the eyes and,
      of course, the smirk. He looks about the right age.

      For Loren Smith, I think the choice is obvious. It has to be somebody
      who can be sharp, intsense, and professional at one moment, and
      sensual the next moment: Michelle Pfeiffer. Doherty and Thiessen are
      too young to be convincing as a seasoned congresswoman.
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