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217Cussler's cool

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  • yay4clive
    Nov 1, 2001
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      Hi, new guy in club here. I just started looking
      at Yahoo clubs and found my favorite author and
      joined Books by Phillip E. Carpetner, then found my
      second-favorite author, Clive Cussler and jointed this one. Last
      Cussler book I read was Inca Gold, it was cool,
      interesting premise. Cussler is a very good writer, his
      stories just not quite as gritty as I like. My 3rd
      favorite author is Tom Clancy who seems to have lost some
      steam lately, his later works seem almost mundane
      compared to his earlier stuff. Still buying his books,
      though, as I am Cussler's. I plan to read Valhalla next.
      I read some poor reviews on Atlantis found, so I
      may pass on that one.
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