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    Jan 20, 2009
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      The fact that no matter what book they make into a movie, wether it is a CC
      book or any other author, it is never going to live up to fans of the book's
      expectations. Nor if they made a movie that did stay faithful to the book
      would the movie make any $$. The reality is that the two worlds of fan desire and
      Hollywood $$ don't meet. Rarely if ever do books translate to the big screen
      in the intricate detail and intricacy of a written novel. Things like author
      ego (CC suffers from it) to Hollywood CGI mentality stand in the way of that

      Most of CC's early books (IMHO his good ones..) would be 5-6 hour epics to
      get all the plot points, etc that would make a fan happy. And that would never
      happen....you want a true to the book screen adaptation...push for a mini
      series..or have Tom Hanks get HBO interested.......

      That said, my vote for screen adaptation would be "Night Probe"......
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