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  • Ed Homa
    Sep 9, 2007
      now that summer is over and school is almost fully in swing as well as football season - what was the best book that you read over the summer?

      what are you reading now?

      what are you looking forward to that is coming out?

      i think that the Messinger by Daniel Silva was the best book i read over the summer.

      right now i'm not reading anything - with first grade for my son starting and getting him ready and homework everynight as well as soccer and Delaware football and tailgating i haven't had much time.

      the Artic Event by James Cobb comes out in a few weeks - the next Covert One and around Christmas Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly comes out - i'm looking forward to both.

      i also thing that Jack DuBrul has a new Mercer coming out soon as well as a new Oregon Files.

      Ed in Wilmington, DE

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