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1255Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Matarese

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  • winfred karungi
    Aug 27, 2007
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      hi guys thought i was the only one who re-reads books, i love the bourne books though i do not fully appreciate the movies, loved matarese circle, it was my 1st ludlum, then i approached countdown, bourne identity and bourne supremacy. i have jus finished a jilly cooper, pandora, i had never had of the legend of pandora's box, does that picture by raphael really exist???

      Ed Homa <thunderball302@...> wrote: after finishing Daniel Silva's the Messinger i was floundering around looking for something to read - sure i have more than enough books that i have never read to read - but nothing was striking my fancy - i was thinking about one of the Bourne books since the new movie is out - but after paging through them i decided not to read any of them.

      not knowing what to read i decided i wanted something Ludlum-like - and decided on the Matarese Circle since i haven't read it in something lie 20 yrs.

      it has been slow going - although i have been enjoying it - i'm ,aybe 3/4 of the way through it and i can't wait to finish it - since i haven't read it in such a long time and since i have only read it once i'm not remembering alot of what happened.

      the one thing thst i forgot was that it took over 170 pages to get Beowulf and the Serpent together in a 500 page novel to get after the Matarese.

      after i'm finished i will read something else before i comeback and reread the Matarese Countdown - but i will reread the Countdown too.

      now that summer is ending - what all is everyone reading?

      from people that have read the newest Bourne - i'd like comments.

      Ed in Wilmington, DE

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