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  • Earl Hemminger
    Mar 17, 2007
      My favorite book was Sea Hunters. I think that it was more
      unbelievable than even Clive's wildest story. It was wild for him to
      be chased by the French and arriving just as the ship he was looking
      for was being dredged to pieces. I've gotten in the habit of picking
      it up in used book stores for a couple of bucks and giving them to my
      friends to read. It hooks them into his fiction better than any other
      book that I could recommend.


      --- In clivecusslerfanclub@yahoogroups.com, "natalie_carlson92"
      <miss_me_92@...> wrote:
      > hey... ok... i just started reading the dea hunters (a little late...
      > i know i know...) but i am loving it!! it wasn't anything like i was
      > expecting.... i was think like yeah yeah... all factual stuff... yatta
      > yatta... but it is sooo much better... i found myself reading it in
      > class and hardly paying any attention to any of my teachers all day..
      > and i'm not that kind of person usually. but yeah... anybody else read
      > it and feel the same way??
      > Natalie
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