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1193SPAM I just can't win the battle every time

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  • pascalbear@aol.com
    Mar 16, 2007
      I am about to give up here during the last 48 hours I have banned so many
      people it is stupid. I left my computer today for a break only to find more
      spam members. One joined this biker guy and immediately posted. Sorry it went
      thru. This same BIKER guy has joined with six different email accounts in 30
      days. Today in my frustration I banned a member by mistake and I am so very
      sorry. I am still getting no response from owner Matt and all his emails are
      hard bouncing. if anyone knows how to reach him as I know there are two other
      moderators on this list please let me know a working email address.

      Hugs from a snowy evening in Washington DC after a record warm day on
      Wednesday of 84!!!!!!

      Terri Pascal

      Let your dream devour your life not your life devour your dream.

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