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1130Immaculate Conception ? Or was Dirk Pitt cuckholded by Summer Moran ?

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  • redexcursion2003
    Jan 13, 2007
      I apologize if I offend anyone with this post,but the fact that
      in "Pacific Vortex" Pitt never makes love to Summer Moran. Either one
      of them is unconscious at all of their meetings,or so injured that
      lovemaking would be impossible.

      I have just finished the LARGE Print edition of PV,just to check if I
      had missed anything in the regular print publication. Apart from the
      large print using English spelling (colour) and expressions (good show )
      LP only described Pitt's fight with Summer on the beach and in the
      hotel room,Summer's sneaking a knife to him when Delphi's men try to
      kill him in the same hotel room,Pitts' finding Summer's sleeping
      quarters inside the seamount ( and immediately passing out on the
      carpet),awakening to find himslf in the clutches of Delphi,escaping the
      seamount with Summer through the golden pool where they briefly
      embraced and exchanged vows of love and Pitt immediately leads her by
      the hand to the exit to the sea,Summer's insistance that Pitt exit
      first,then Summer's intentional return to the seamount to be with her

      Using Pitt's remarkable perception and logic,I suggest that Summer
      returned to find her true lover,not to be with her father. Not being
      able to find him,she managed to escape,bear and raise the lover's twins,
      never making contact with Pitt ,but telling the twins that Dirk was
      thetheir father. And,of course,they went to him when Summer Moran died.

      It could be,of course,that author Cussler had no inkling of creating
      the Pitt twins until much later on in the series,and he simply could
      not publish and addendum to Pacific Vortex.

      Just to allay any suspicions that I'm trying to criticize author
      Cussler,I read avery book he writes as soon as they become available
      and I enjoy the way in which he plays with our heads. Besides,any man
      who has the automobile collection he does is by that fact alone,and
      incredible person indeed.

      John Hale,Durango,Colorado