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1068Re: [Clive Cussler fan club] Read them in this order

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  • winfred karungi
    Aug 3 8:02 AM
      That is DEFINETELY a long list but i will try and see how far i can go.i have been temptedto buytrojan odyssey this month,am really looking forward toreading it.thanks for thelist though

      Larry <humtex@...> wrote: Here is recommendation for reading order: Looks like there are a few
      on the bottom of the list I haven't found yet. I am good through Dark
      Watch. Have nearly all in hard back. Fun Reading.

      Pacific Vortex (1983) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Mediterranean Caper (1973) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Iceberg (1975) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Raise the Titanic (1976) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Vixen 03 (1978) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Night Probe (1981) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Deep Six (1984) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Cyclops (1986) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Treasure (1988) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Dragon (1990) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Sahara (1992) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Inca Gold (1994) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Shockwave (1996) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Sea Hunters (1996) Non-Fiction
      Flood Tide (1997) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed (1998)
      Serpent (1999) NUMA Files
      Atlantis Found (1999) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Blue Gold (2000) NUMA Files
      Valhalla Rising (2001) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Fire Ice (2002) NUMA Files
      The Sea Hunters II (2002) Non-Fiction
      White Death (2003) NUMA Files
      Golden Buddha (2003) Oregon Files
      Trojan Odyssey (2003) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Lost City (2004) NUMA Files
      Sacred Stone (2004) Oregon Files
      Black Wind (2004) Dirk Pitt Novel
      Polar Shift (2005) NUMA Files
      Dark Watch (2005) Oregon Files
      The Adventures of Vin Fiz (2006) Children's Book
      Skeleton Coast (2006) Oregon Files
      Treasure of Khan (2006) Dirk Pitt Jr. Novel

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