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IRP-Online Workshop"Managing Plagiarism" held on 23rd of July,2011.

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    From: Research Center for Training & Development           One-Day Online Workshop Managing Plagiarism in Academic Research Pre and Post
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      From: Research Center for Training & Development <ctd@...>



      One-Day Online Workshop

      Managing Plagiarism in Academic Research
      Pre and Post Controlling Strategies

      Hands on Training “turn it in”


      Plagiarism is quickly becoming part of our educational culture. More and more people are turning to the internet for quick "shortcuts" of writing research papers/thesis,reports. Major problem seems to be awareness of the issue. In majority of the cases academia and researchers even don’t know if they are plagiarizing, and those who do know are often unaware of the seriousness of the offense and its possible consequences.

      The workshop is designed to train the people involved in managing reviewing and editing research publications to monitor issues related to research ethics and Plagiarism. The researchers/scientists take care of publication are encouraged to participate in training on Plagiarism and better monitor the  quality of research publications and meet the international standards..This workshop will help to turn on the tactics to sustain intellectual copyrights and controlling plagiarism. The workshop will share the real examples and their reporting interpretation.

      The workshop-Made for YOU


      Ñ       You want advancement in managing plagiarism?

      ü YES-the workshop offers latest developments and upcoming challenges in managing plagiarism


      Ñ       You want growth through ethical research and publishing?

      ü YES-the workshop offers techniques and practices of ethical research


      Ñ       You want to solve current obstacles in managing plagiarism?

      ü YES-the workshop offers solutions for your ongoing problems regarding plagiarism


      Ñ       You want exposure to international standards regarding plagiarism?

      ü YES-the workshop shares experience and practices of international standards regarding plagiarism  


      Ñ       You want to upgrade by experiencing “UPP-Learning Methodology”?

      ü YES-the workshop leads you to learning growth from Understanding the challenge to Performing and Planning the challenges of plagiarism


      Ñ       You are at distance and want to attend online?

      ü YES-the workshop provides the opportunity to attend online through webinar Technology

      Ñ       How workshop is going to create a difference?

      ü YES-the workshop offers free online Introductory Webinar on Plagiarism to Universities/R&D organizations on their invitation before the workshop. For details email us: ctd@...  or call +92-313-4917181  



      Understand the Challenges



      *      Introduction

      *      Pre-Assessment of Plagiarism

      *      Video Demonstration on Plagiarism



      Perform the Challenge



      *       Plagiarism; A Threat

      *       Plagiarism Ethics and Professional Ways

      *       Q&A




      *      Hamlik Exercise on Research Ethics

      *      Video Demonstration on Plagiarism 




      *       Pre-Control Strategies

      *       Using Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

      *       Post-Control Strategies

      *       Q&A




      *      Knowledge Quiz

      *      Exercise on Paraphrasing

      *      Sareena Kutab Case of Managing Plagiarism through Software








      *      Turn It In- Overview

      *      Pre- Data Feeding Concerns in Turn It In

      *      Controlling Errors in Turn It In

      *      Reading and Analyzing Similarity Index

      *      Writing Report of Turn It In – Guidelines

      *       Q&A




      *      Knowledge quiz



      Plan the Challenge



      *      Develop your Institutional Strategies for Plagiarism

      *      Plagiarism Counter-Personal Check List




      *      Video Demonstration on Plagiarism Consequences

      *      Neelam Case for Institutional Strategies for Plagiarism

      *       Learning Log for Plagiarism Application





      Resource Person:-



      Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
      Director Library

      Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)





      23rd  of July,2011 (Saturday)


       9:00am-5:00pm (PST)

      Individual Participant:

      Institutional Participation:

       Rs. 15,00/-

       Rs. 20,000/-(For 50+ participants)

      Registration/Payment Deadline

      21st of July, 2011(Thursday)





      For Registration form and payment details click here



      Note: IRP will email the resource material to the workshop participants.

      Note: IRP will send certificate & workshop recorded cd through courier service


      Workshop Introductory Webinar:



      The Introductory webinar on plagiarism and ethics in research will be on 18th of July,2011(Monday) at 11am-1pm(PST). It  will not only introduces you the workshop, but  will also motivates you through various practical examples and consequences of negligence. You are also assessed regarding your knowledge, attitude and practices in research ethics. After webinar you are in position to further develop yourself by attending full workshop on research ethics and managing plagiarism .


      Kindly register here https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/160483774  and receive your webinar join link.

      Who Should Attend:



      Ø  Faculty of University

      Ø  Research Scholars

      Ø  Research Associates

      Ø  Researchers of R&D Organizations

      Ø  People from Publishing Department

      Ø  Researchers of Social Sector Organizations


      Technical Details for Webinar:



      The registered participant will receive a confirmatory email with workshop join link from GoToWebinar. The participant will click the join link on 23rd of July,2011 (Saturday) at 9:00am-5:00pm (PST). It will take 5-10mints of GoToWebinar download/installation.




      *      Desktop Computer/Laptop P4 or latest

      *      Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7

      *      Broad band Internet 

      *      A set of Headphone and Mic (Connect to your computer) kindly do check you Headphone &Mic well before the workshop.


      NoteKindly close all other programs on your computer during webinar session. 






      Research Centre for Training and Development

      Institute of Research Promotion

      Cell: 0092313-4917181

      Email: ctd@...


      Institute of Research Promotion

      Central Plaza, 7th floor, flat # 11, Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore

      Ph:+92-42-35854764 – Fax: +92-42 35584509 Visit: www.irp.edu.pk



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