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721Announcing CBEC's sixth video production: Testing times

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    Feb 25 5:36 AM
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      From: Cbec Siut [mailto:cbec.siut@...]

      Dear Colleagues,

      We are delighted to announce the production of our sixth teaching video "Testing Times". The film has been uploaded to our website and can be accessed, and downloaded  for viewing and use in teaching sessions, free of cost at www.siut.org/bioethics/CBECProduction.html. All we ask is to acknowledge CBEC when you use our videos for teaching purposes.

      With genetic testing, screening and research opportunities becoming widely available, specially in the developing world context, it has also given rise to a variety of challenging ethical situations. Our latest film focuses on some of these issues that have emerged as a result of genetic screening for breast cancer. The film also highlights how research and clinical care can often become conflated, not only for the patient, but also for the providers.

      As always, we have worked with a team of amateur script writers and actors, with our film director being the only 'professional' in the team.

      We would value any comments that you may have about our latest production.

      Happy viewing!



      Aamir Jafarey. FCPS. FRCS. MBE (Bioethics)

      Associate Professor

      Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT

      Karachi 74200, Pakistan

      Email: aamirjafarey@...  

      Phone (92 21) 3272 6338

      Website: www.siut.org/bioethics