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656CBEC Academic Programs: Call for Applications

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    May 31, 2013
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       From: Cbec Siut [mailto:cbec.siut@...]

      Dear Colleagues,

      As many of you are aware, the Center of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC), SIUT, in Karachi has run a successful one year Postgraduate Diploma Program (PGD) in Biomedical Ethics since 2006. In 2010, CBEC also initiated a two year long Masters in Bioethics (MBE) program.

      We are pleased to announce the first “Call for Applications” for intake of students for the PGD Class of 2014 and MBE Class of 2015. The academic year commences in January 2014.

      Details of PGD and MBE programs, including eligibility criteria and admission process, and application forms are available on our website 
      www.siut.org/bioethics(The deadline for receiving applications is July 12).

      Please note that SIUT may be able to offer free accommodation on twin sharing basis (subject to availability) to out of town students.

      We would appreciate it if you could circulate this announcement widely to relevant individuals and institutions.

      Please do not hesitate to email us at 
      cbec.siut@... if you require additional information or any clarification.


      Farhat Moazam, M.D., FACS, PhD
      Professor and Chairperson
      Center of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
      Karachi 74200, Pakistan
      (92 21) 3272-6338

      Aamir Jafarey. FCPS. FRCS
      Associate Professor
      Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
      Karachi 74200, Pakistan
      (92 21) 3272 6338