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Re: Is this group dead?

We are not dead! We have moved to a group called crgII. This allowed us to add new members and use the other functions of yahoo groups. Come join us there.
Frank T
May 22, 2009

Re: Is this group dead?

I'm another of the original members, but I've gone back to college and have no time to read anything that isn't assigned. I graduate next year. (it will have
May 11, 2009

Re: Is this group dead?

We are here--not dead yet. Some books inspire more discussion than others.Last month our read was challenging & only a few people posted & read the book. this
May 11, 2009

Is this group dead?

I was an active member YEARS ago and really enjoyed it. Life got crazy busy and I've been MIA . . . I just joined another Yahoo group today and thought I
May 10, 2009

The Leopard

A few years ago our group read the Leopard. Just recently I viewed an older Italian film based on the book starring Burt Lancaster as the Leopard. He spoke
Dec 4, 2008

Re: Alice: a footnnote

Rufus, I enjoyed your last two posts, but they were sent to the old group which is no longer active. I would appreciate it if you would repost them to crgII.
Frank T
Apr 7, 2008

Alice: a footnnote

Apropos my last mail. It occurred to me that an explanatory footnote might be helpful to our North American colleagues. Real Madrid is a European football team
Apr 6, 2008


Alice is a complex, multi–layered work and I imagine that a psychotherapist would have a ball with the imagery. Leslie of course is quite right in that drug
Apr 6, 2008


Michael, I found your essay on Pound very interesting indeed. Until now I have never had the slightest interest in poetry – the change was effected by a
David Christie
Jan 25, 2008

OT -- I ordered mine ...

January 27, 2008 Il Miglior Fabbro By CHARLES McGRATH EZRA POUND: POET A Portrait of the Man and His Work. Volume I: The Young Genius, 1885-1920. By A. David
Michael Parker
Jan 25, 2008

Re: Status

... Yes, there is a new group. Come join us at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crgII/ I am taking nominations for january's book there. FrankT
Frank T
Dec 19, 2007


OK. Is there a new group? Is there a book for January? David
David Christie
Dec 17, 2007

Finished the Aspern Papers

I found this an involving tale, well told. I will leave a spoiler space. The main character seems indecisive in the face of a moral dilemma—how far will he
Dec 17, 2007

Re: My My ...

It may be the day the music died, but what does this has to do with classic literature? I fail to see the connection. I think Frank should make the decision,
Dec 14, 2007

Re: My My ...

Oh. David
David Christie
Dec 14, 2007
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