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  • Joel B. Chappell
    Bob and Mac- Here was my solution to the problem in our old 85 Pace.... I have a single-drawer wooden chest on top of the dog house that holds the TV up front.
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      Bob and Mac-

      Here was my solution to the problem in our old 85 Pace....

      I have a single-drawer wooden chest on top of the dog house that holds the
      TV up front. The chest is shaped so that the back edge follows the outline
      of the dashboard. I keep all of the normal junk that you would keep in a
      glove box in the drawer. The hook-up for the TV is under the dash, on the
      co-pilot's side on our old Pace Arrow. We store the TV in the back while
      traveling and set it up once we are stationary. I can post pictures of the
      chest if you wish and probably sketch out some plans. I have been thinking
      of making a removable book rack, for the top of the chest, that will hold
      the Woodall's, Exit Authority, and maps while we are driving. BTW.... strips
      of Velcro hold the chest in place on the doghouse.

      Joel in NH
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      --- In classicrv@y..., austin macmillan
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      > I have a 1984 pace arrow and there is no place for a
      > Tv - it has the hook up for it but nowere to put it
      - can you help? Mac.


      this drove us nuts in our 1980 class a titan,,,,
      i argued it ought go over the dog shed [the lid
      you lift to look at the engine from inside].
      she argued everywhere else.... finally,
      she went ahead and built a platform over
      the dog shed, topped with a few semi-brackets,
      and slammed the damn t.v. down, then while
      we watched the tube she said "glad i thought of
      that, looks great and is easy to view" . o well.

      the idea of the platform, is to build a level
      shelf. she used 1/2 inch plywood, but any
      wood would do. she first cut the pieces, e.g
      the sides [front to back] then the back, leaving
      the front open. obiously you gotta taper the
      sides so they clear the dog shed, etc.
      start with the back, so that is clear of
      the entire dog shed [to where you want the
      front of the shelf to end]; then cut the sides
      from measured same height as back piece, and
      taper forward if floor slants front to back....
      then [before installed][and before tacked together]
      painted it with polyurethene[stuff you
      paint wood floors with, see thru]. then
      she decided how far forard [towards front of
      coach] she wanted the damn tv to sit,,,,
      then "anchored" the t.v. with 90 degree brackets,
      1/2" x 1/2" - t.v. sits there snugly and
      does not dare move even a tad.....

      of where you put the t.v., you probably will
      want to run a cable so if at a r.v. park
      you can hook to their cable t.v., etc....
      i was gonna get one of those outside jacks,
      but being a lazyass i figured easiest was
      to leave a tad slack at rear [about a foot] of t.v.,
      then weave the cable under the carpet, under
      the couch[i had to drill a hole fore and aft],
      then thru the water shed[pot and shower and sink],
      then drilled more holes until i got to the
      right rear compartment where my shore cable is::
      then i merely threaded the t.v. cable thru above,
      and ended up next to the shore cable..... now when
      i hook up, i throw both lines down thru the
      hole in the floor of that compartment,
      fasten the seal[small door], lock the outside
      compartment door,
      and hook up the shore power and then
      the cable,,,,,, works for me..... ;]

      however, you might want to do a fancy job,
      such as i saw, where the joker put a swivel
      in the ceiling, hung down an adjustable
      arm [up and down, and side to side swivel],
      then a platform for the t.v.,,,,, but, heck,
      that is too much work for me, so i "suggested"
      the above platform over the dog shed, and
      being a lazyass i let her do the work, which
      she enjoys, - - - give her a piece of wood and
      any project and she flies to her table saw,
      and has some fun..... anytime you cant think
      of what to get your lady for xmas, get
      her a table saw,,,, every year another
      attach for the saw,,,,, then make "suggestions",
      then get out of the way and keep out of the way.

      bob di.

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