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  • Mike W
    Kathy, Yeah that does make me feel a little better. I just am still upset that I didn t find out more before I bought. I wish I had known about this website
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2000

      Yeah that does make me feel a little better. I just am still upset that I didn't
      find out more before I bought. I wish I had known about this website before.
      I used to fix up older cars, mostly cars in the late 60's vintage some foreign, and could get
      just about any mechanical part from my local parts store. I can't do that with
      my RV being a Dodge orphan. I can't even change my own tire!! They're bolted
      on to 400 ft/lbs!!! My 1/2 impact wrench won't even budge 'em.

      Thanks again,

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      From: Kathy
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 4:14 PM
      Subject: [classicrv] Re: Selling advice...

      Hi Mike,

      Guess I never thought about letting anyone drive mine!!! LOL
      Of course, it's not up for sale either... but if it was, I
      guess I would opt for taking them out for a test ride first.
      If they are REALLY serious about buying, then maybe let them
      drive it in a BIG EMPTY parking lot for some "drivers education"
      before I let them "hit the road" with it. Even the smaller
      class C's are not all that easy to keep on the road all the time...

      Heck just getting mine out the driveway is a trick!!

      You still have the height and width to watch out for, plus
      they don't handle like a car on curvy roads, or on the highway
      (big truck wind gusts) for that matter.

      If I add all my repairs, maintenence, and fixing up I've done
      I know I've got $10,000 in mine right now so that aught to make
      you feel GOOD!!! But then, a lot of the $5,000 I've put into
      mine is because I'd rather go "new" then find an old working
      replacement, and they all didn't "HAVE" to be done.
      Awning... I could have continued to live with the torn
      & repaired awning, or just had new canvas put on but
      it was a bi*** to get off the old style hooks....
      Rear Springs.... the 2" lean on the passenger side wasn't
      "hurting anything" and not being able to tow any weight
      at all, was well inconvienant.
      Entry Door.... now I can put that $20.00 dead bolt in to
      make my partner feel safer....
      New mattress pads and cushions.... I sleep better now...
      belts and hoses.... well that's something my father taught
      me to do with ANY used vehicle....

      Now the rest were "must's".... what good is a RV if the Fridge
      doesn't work!!! You might as well be staying in a hotel room!! LOL
      and the alternator and radiator... well they speak for themselves!

      All in all, I'm not mad or upset.... I am happy to be learning tho!!
      I only wish the RV that I "really wanted" (my managers) was up
      for sale when I bought mine..... 1989, 28ft, with double bed in
      the rear.... (my dream). NOW (actually 6 months after I bought
      mine) they have it up for sale.... Asking $10,000... but will take
      $8,000.... needs a new air conditioner.... THAT'S ALL!!! THAT'S
      what makes me sick!!! LOL.... I was happy with my "steal of a deal"
      when I got it... that's all that matters!!! I'm still happy
      with my rig (other than that much desired rear bed) and I will
      probably keep it till I can't climb into the front bunk anymore.
      (hopefully that will be many many many years from now). At my
      estimated $75.00 per night savings on hotel room alone, my RV will
      still pay for itself in time.... even tho it's "twice as long" now!!

      Well... I've rambled on long enough....
      Hope this all makes you feel better!!!



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