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Re: 1976 pawnee

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  • RogerD
    Do you know if the converter has a charging circuit, as not all of the older ones did. Saw it was an option on some models made by Converter Systems Inc.
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 20, 2013
      Do you know if the converter has a charging circuit, as not all of the older ones did. Saw it was an option on some models made by Converter Systems Inc. Should have dedicated charging wires, and maybe a separate 12V fuse. Ones without a charging circuit use the vehicle engine charging system. My 1976 Terry trailer doesn't even have a power converter! It is static in a park and I have to manually charge the battery... fortunately it is not used much on 12V.

      If it has a charging circuit, does it work? Disconnect the battery cables and measure across them with a volt meter (DMM).

      Is the battery able to be charged? If you have a working charging circuit, try to charge the battery with an external charger.

      If both of these tests are OK, the next place to suspect is the battery-transformer switch, which will likely be in the converter enclosure. This chooses which power source will feed the coach 12V distribution circuits. It may be manual, or it may be a relay. If manual put it in the Battery position. If a relay, it is likely powered by 120V to automatically switch over to the converter 12V output when plugged in to 120V. If not plugged in it switches to battery source. You should hear a click when this happens. You could cycle the power source by switching on-off the converter main breaker, but that might mask the sound of the relay when this happens. Maybe too risky to touch the relay cover to detect the click as it has 120V wired to it. Be VERY careful when working around live 120V parts of the converter, and use nothing conductive!

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "corby g" <cguillett@...> wrote:
      > I checked the system a bit more last nite. It is a converter, not an inverter. Still seems to run off engine batteryy. I dont seem to be getting anything from house battery. Ran out of time last nite will try to isolate tonite. Not a big deal yet as we will be camping with electric next week. I do want to figure out before I go to a place without power. I did get my water tank set up and my city water hookup works.
      > --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "corby g" <cguillett@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Took the Pawnee for a weekend adventure..A little trouble to start didnt want to stay running, was putting sea foam and carb cleaner and staight gas in carb to get started. Figured on nice ride would clean it out, seemed to work, put over 100 miles on with multiple stops and an overnight and fired up just fine. Maybe just some old gas and the carb needing to get worked and loosened up. One thing I noticed on the rv was the interior lights in the camper and sleeping area seem to run off engine battery and the rv water pump runs off the back battery and the wall plugs only work when plugged in. Is that right? And what does my inverter do(Converter Systems INC) model CS-840 serial no 3430 part no600-20-056 input current 60 amps ac input voltage 120 volts ac output current 40 amps-DC
      > > outbuts voltage 12.6 volts DC. What does inverter run and is there a manual for it?
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