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Re: RV coach deep cycle batteries

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  • orioneer
    Good suggestion Warren. I m obliged. I had no idea they make 12 volt golf cart batteries. And the forklift idea s one I d have never thought of. Back
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 20 6:16 AM
      Good suggestion Warren. I'm obliged. I had no idea they make 12 volt
      golf cart batteries. And the forklift idea's one I'd have never thought
      of. Back during my battery warehouse days I did rebuild a good many
      locomotive batteries and various ones for other heavy equipment, but
      frequently the voltage wasn't confined to 6 and 12 volts.

      I haven't looked at industrial/heavy equipment batteries in 50 years,
      but it might be they still build them with the tar sealing the top
      instead of the one-piece smooth covers. Those big ones were so
      expensive it was worth it to the companies to rebuild them rather than
      replace them if all that was wrong was a melted strap between the cells,
      or a short in one of the cells.

      Thanks a bunch. Jack

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Warren wrote:
      > I can understand the bare metal budget thing. My 1953 Airstream
      remodel was
      > a very tight budget job.
      > Keep in mind they do manufacturer 12 volt deep cycle batteries (not
      > referring to marine) which might fit your spot better.
      > You might be able to find a 12 volt deep cycle at an electric tow
      > (fork lift) repair shop and they basically do exactly what you say.
      > goes bad they replace the whole pack. I have even seen a few 12 volt
      > cart batteries.
      > Might even find used batteries for the price of the lead in them
      > than just used battery price. Might save you even a few more bucks
      that way.
      > When I was looking for batteries, The office where I work uses various
      > Uninterrupted Power Supplies that use small 12 volt 18 AH deep cycle
      > batteries. We changed out several battery packs of which only one
      > actually went bad. The others were old enough to take out of service
      > when I connected 8 of those used batteries together in parallel. I got
      > about 120 AH capacity. Worked just fine for a few years as long as I
      > use em up to fast. Over the next 2 years they started failing one at a
      > time. It got me through till the budget could purchase new deep cycle
      > cart batteries. :)
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