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Re: RV coach deep cycle batteries

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  • orioneer
    Hi Roger. I wouldn t go so far as to call it a tough situation, so much as a situation of running at a speed I can handle as opposed to the speed the world
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 20, 2013
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      Hi Roger. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a tough situation, so much
      as a situation of running at a speed I can handle as opposed to the
      speed the world runs on. I ain't complaining because I'm probably the
      most fortunate man on the planet. Most especially fortunate to have
      snagged the old Holiday Rambler.

      I do have a working generator in the 1978, and a working Onan out of the
      Toyota, as well. Might be that will have to be my solution for running
      power tools. Once I'm on the road with this thing I'm hoping I'll have
      constructed a trailer to pull behind it to carry everything from tools
      to extra clothing. I'd thought to mount two golf cart batteries there
      once I've got some.

      In 1967 I had two golf cart batteries mounted in an aging Nash
      Metropolitan and the engine failed somewhere between Port Lavaca and
      Houston. Ran the Metro all the way into the next town on the starter
      motor and those two golf cart batteries.

      The memory of that experience provides me with an abiding respect for
      the item.

      Gracias, Jack

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "RogerD" wrote:
      > Jack - It was me who suggested a new thread for battery issues, so I
      am switching over as well. There are still comments on the 1978 Holiday
      Rambler thread, so check that too.
      > You have a tough situation with a very tight budget countered by
      wanting to do something like use an inverter to run power tools for very
      long. That will require some serious battery power! You can get a
      battery (or batteries) to do that, but they are going to be large. Also
      at issue is big batteries require big charging capacity. Your old
      voltage converter/charger likely can't handle that load in reasonable
      time. Some of them have very little output in the charging circuit.
      > I take it you don't have a generator on the rig?
    • orioneer
      Good suggestion Warren. I m obliged. I had no idea they make 12 volt golf cart batteries. And the forklift idea s one I d have never thought of. Back
      Message 2 of 5 , Jun 20, 2013
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        Good suggestion Warren. I'm obliged. I had no idea they make 12 volt
        golf cart batteries. And the forklift idea's one I'd have never thought
        of. Back during my battery warehouse days I did rebuild a good many
        locomotive batteries and various ones for other heavy equipment, but
        frequently the voltage wasn't confined to 6 and 12 volts.

        I haven't looked at industrial/heavy equipment batteries in 50 years,
        but it might be they still build them with the tar sealing the top
        instead of the one-piece smooth covers. Those big ones were so
        expensive it was worth it to the companies to rebuild them rather than
        replace them if all that was wrong was a melted strap between the cells,
        or a short in one of the cells.

        Thanks a bunch. Jack

        --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, Warren wrote:
        > I can understand the bare metal budget thing. My 1953 Airstream
        remodel was
        > a very tight budget job.
        > Keep in mind they do manufacturer 12 volt deep cycle batteries (not
        > referring to marine) which might fit your spot better.
        > You might be able to find a 12 volt deep cycle at an electric tow
        > (fork lift) repair shop and they basically do exactly what you say.
        > goes bad they replace the whole pack. I have even seen a few 12 volt
        > cart batteries.
        > Might even find used batteries for the price of the lead in them
        > than just used battery price. Might save you even a few more bucks
        that way.
        > When I was looking for batteries, The office where I work uses various
        > Uninterrupted Power Supplies that use small 12 volt 18 AH deep cycle
        > batteries. We changed out several battery packs of which only one
        > actually went bad. The others were old enough to take out of service
        > when I connected 8 of those used batteries together in parallel. I got
        > about 120 AH capacity. Worked just fine for a few years as long as I
        > use em up to fast. Over the next 2 years they started failing one at a
        > time. It got me through till the budget could purchase new deep cycle
        > cart batteries. :)
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