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Re: Rookie gets RV

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  • jimmuston
    I have some of the original service and repair manuals (in PDF format)for the coach side of most 70 s series Champion Motorhomes. It covers just about
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 8, 2006
      I have some of the original service and repair manuals (in PDF
      format)for the coach side of most 70's series Champion Motorhomes.
      It covers just about everything including wiring for the running
      lights. It helped me get my old girl back in top shape. As for the
      chassis, I bought a repair manual (Dodge truck) from my local auto
      parts store to help with the repairs on that side of things.
      I would be more than happy to share the PDF files with you. They are
      broken down by systems and range in size up to just over 2 MB.

      77 Champion Class A

      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "Scott" <scott9h@...> wrote:
      > Well, I have recently "acquired" a classic RV. I say acquired,
      > because, I was at work the other night, complaining about how I
      > going to put my money pit of a Cadillac in the local trader. My
      > buddy mentioned he was doing the same thing for his money pit of
      > RV. One thing led to another and we traded money pits even.
      > Over the years I have begged, borrowed, and rented many RV campers
      > and popups, for my camping adventures (mainly to racetracks). I
      > have often wondered if it would be better to just own my own. So
      > was already shopping for a "deal".
      > Anyway, it's a Champion Titan 78-79, not sure yet. 32 feet. It
      > 42k miles on it. Comes with an electric (on the dash) start
      > generator with 11 hours on it. Exterior is a 9 and will not need
      > any work. But that's where that ends.
      > This RV sat for 15 years. The good news is that it was winterized
      > prior to that. Even so many things are pretty much falling
      > The front brake calipers are seized, and the pads are pretty well
      > gone.
      > There is no gas in it, although we removed a fuel line and
      > it in a 5 gal can, and it did start. However it will need a new
      > carburetor. (Dodge 440 engine) Not to mention probably new plugs
      > wires hoses, ECT.
      > All tires are dry rotted and will need to be replaced.
      > Everything electrical works. Other than the potty fan. Water
      > is unknown.
      > The roof was leaking, over the potty, however it has been
      > The paneling is removed and there is no rust visible. Structure
      > seems sound.
      > It will need many cosmetic things for the interior. Paneling
      > etc. All appliances are present, weather they work or not is
      > unknown.
      > We didnt unroll the awning, it looks ok but I would bet it will
      > to be replaced also.
      > The car I traded him for, needs about 3k of work, and books for
      > about 5k, (with the work completed)
      > Weather or not I got a good deal is not really important to me. I
      > have always wanted an RV so I'm excited about it.
      > What I am wondering is how realistic is it for me to get the work
      > done on this myself. I have worked on allot of cars and am not
      > mechanically challenged; however I have not tried to work on
      > something like an RV. I'm a little apprehensive about tearing into
      > this project. My camping buddies have graciously volunteered to
      > help out, so we can get it going by August.
      > Any advise is welcome.
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