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  • Kathy
    Hi Dennise, Well, from my point of view..... that is from a point of view from someone who grew up in the classic era of the 70 s, when shag carpet and green
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12 9:05 AM
      Hi Dennise,

      Well, from my point of view..... that is from a point of view
      from someone who grew up in the "classic" era of the 70's, when
      shag carpet and green appliances were "in".....

      I'd say..... FAREWELL!!!! I don't mind visiting the 70's
      but, boy am I glad we didn't stay there!!! LOL I fussed when
      my partner wanted to replace the lights in the "home" of our
      RV (1978).... I said ~~please don't make me get rid of my mood
      lighting!!~~ And mood it was!! Ever try reading a book, paper
      or a map by the light of 1,2,3,or 4 little 12v "turn signal"
      bulbs??? To top it off, the plastic shades were old and yellowed
      with age.... talk about making your skin turn colors.... YELLOW
      is how I looked!!! Needless to say, I new the right thing to do
      was to put in the new florescent lights.... It's not good to
      read in poor lighting. We all know that!!! and well, we're not
      getting any younger either!! I took pictures.... so I'll always
      have a rememberance of my mood lighting.... (didn't even think
      to save the lights for someone who might be wanting to replace
      theirs with the originals..... hmmmm don't think that trash
      can in the garage has been emptied yet.... anyone what me
      to pull them back out???? they still work!!!)

      As for the carpet, linoleum, wall paper and curtains, etc....
      I guess I look at it this way, when they wear out in your home
      (our house was built in 1951) do you go find that same 50's look
      to replace them with???? Not hardly!!! Gosh I can remember the
      wall paper and linoleum in my grandmothers house...... Talk about
      classic!!! LOL

      Anyway, personally I don't see these cosmetic changes as being
      inappropreiate for "Classic RVing" .... at least not until they
      start a contest for the RVs being restored to the original decor!!!
      And even if they did, ~I~ probably would not enter!!! (I bought
      new fabric this past weekend to make new curtains with.....)
      and I just LOVE my new (working) refridgerator.... and my new...
      it only takes 1 person to open.... awning!!!

      Say.... maybe WE should put up some of our own "before and after
      pictures" on the web.... (two bad I didn't get a close up of the
      old fridge before I had it replaced.....)

      Well, gotta run!


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