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Re: Dodge M500 Rear Brakes

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  • faubloose2
    ... Hi just finished my m500. yes you can do it. I have worked on heavy semi equip so ask and ask. there is not a dumb question. just dumb people not
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 2, 2003
      Hi just finished my m500. yes you can do it. I have worked on heavy
      semi equip so ask and ask. there is not a dumb question.
      just dumb people not asking.bearing nut, should not be as tight as
      you think.small chisle and hammer glancing blow on side corner of nut
      in direction you want it to turn 1 maybe 2 hits it will spin right of
      with fingers. lock ring behind it with tons of holes it,slide it off.
      small blow with chisle again on inside nut,spin off. bearing and
      whole works will slide in your lap if u pull to hard and it is heavy.
      rear bearing stays within drum seal.when you do finish do not drive
      "just grease" on bearings.Jack one side higher than other, let oil
      travel to new parts.waiting for oil? not good. make sure oil in
      differential is full first. well email me with questions.
      In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "effectsda" <effects@t...> wrote:
      > I am currently doing a rear brake job (how much of one remains to be
      > seen) on my 1977 Pace Arrow. (Right rear drum leaking brake fluid
      > of the drum to the point of a dry master cylinder.) Currently, I'm
      > on jack stands (local tire company sent service truck to pop off
      > wheels), and have removed the axels. Yikes!, 2 7/8 " wheel bearing
      > staring me in the face. Have ordered the socket and it will arrive
      > tommorow. Here are my questions and after lurking here for more
      than 6
      > months, I know there are some experts that can help me. I keep
      > my wife that I'm not in over my head, and that it really really
      > cost around $1200 Canadian for a complete rear brake job. (Everybody
      > please nod and agree!) LOL.
      > 1. Any one know where I can find a manual / exploded drawing for a
      > 1977 Dodge M500 rear end (including brakes)?
      > 2. When I removed each Axel, what appeared to be Hyphoid oil drained
      > out of each side. ( 1? Cup). Maybe it was deteriated grease, or
      > the internal seals? to the differential are gone/leaking, or maybe
      > it's normal. Or maybe all of the above!! LOL (There is still lots of
      > grease packing the wheel bearings behind the 2 7/8" wheel bearing
      > nut). By Axels, I mean the center shaft that drives the drum and
      > extends about three feet from the drum, internally, to the
      > differential. It has a 6 bolt end at the drum and a spline at the
      > differential and is about 1 1/4" dia.
      > 3. Our Canadian parts store (LORDCO) can get me all the parts, but I
      > wonder if Raybestos parts are available South of the Border. Pep
      > maybe?
      > Thanking you in advance of your responses.
      > David Barkes
      > effects@t...
      > 1977 28' Pace SPArrow
      > Knee Deep in Caulking and now, alas, ... Brake Fluid
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