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8704Re: The untimely demise of my 1977 Dodge Cobra

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  • deschwar_83536
    May 1, 2002
      First of all I am extremely happy that you are OK!!! My condoleces
      for the loss of "Ree-vey", but remember it is only "STUFF" and we can
      always get more "STUFF". AAANNNDDDD you are certainly welcome to
      remain here as part of our family, because you will be back rv-ing
      befoe you know it. I am not sure(but I think) that the S-10 if a
      stick requires an axle disconnect - unless it is 4-wheel drive then
      it might be able to be towed 4 on the ground. If automatic it would
      require either a tow-trailer or a transmission pump. Check with your
      mechanic. There is also a book out on towables and their
      requirements to tow.

      Duane - Dad

      --- In classicrv@y..., "carolynnepark" <CarolynnePark@j...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > After a long forced hiatus from taking my MH out for a nice trip, I
      > decided I HAD to go for my "Excellent Adventure". I left on April
      > 17th, and headed south, with no firm ideas about where I was going
      > end up. "Ree-vey" (the MH) and I visited some terric places. We
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