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8702RE: [classicrv] The untimely demise of my 1977 Dodge Cobra

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  • Tony Peregoy
    May 1, 2002
      Sorry about your loss. That was truly a tragedy, but you made it out
      safely. You experienced a fear some of us have thought about: what would I
      do if a fire broke out? How can I get the family out of here quickly? I
      guess we should each play out the scenario just in case.

      Knowing nothing about you, I would first ask if you are interested in
      maintaining an older motor home or do you want a newer model. I run a web
      site for Travco motor homes. They are well built but all built in the 60's
      and 70's. We have hundreds and hundreds of members. We also have a page
      for those that are for sale. If you can stand tinkering on it now and then,
      you sure can get a good deal on one. The site is www.mytravco.com. Check
      it out and visit the Buy-Sell page. Maybe that will give you a starting

      Then, go to my Links page and click on Vintage Vacations (sorry, I can't
      remember the address off hand). That guy knows everything about travel
      trailers. I'd talk to him and get his ideas about a trailer.

      Good luck,

      Tony Peregoy

      [Tony Peregoy]
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      Subject: [classicrv] The untimely demise of my 1977 Dodge Cobra

      Hello All,

      After a long forced hiatus from taking my MH out for a nice trip, I
      decided I HAD to go for my "Excellent Adventure". I left on April
      17th, and headed south, with no firm ideas about where I was going to
      end up. "Ree-vey" (the MH) and I visited some terric places. We went
      to Williamsburg, VA; Virginia Beach; North and South Carolina,
      Georgia; Ft Lauderdale, the Everglades and the west coat of Florida,
      back up into Georgia and then into Tennesee. On Sunday, the storm
      system that was bringing destruction to so many places in the south
      caused me to try to pick up my speed to try to get out of the area of
      the storms and I arrived in Tennesee in the early evening. I
      continued to travel much later in the evening than usual, passing
      Knoxville at about 9pm. Shortly afterwards, on I-75, I saw a sign for
      a state park that allowed campers and decided to "drop the hook"
      there for the night. Sometime between 10 and 11 pm, struggling up a
      steep 2-lane with switchbacks toward the state park, the engine burst
      into flames. With no place to go to get her off the road, about 30 or
      so pounds of propane and more than 30 gallons of gasoline onboard and
      a fire extinquisher about as useful as a mouthful of spit, I very
      quickly abandoned my motorhome and high-tailed it down the road (yes,
      the mountain crested just yards later) in search of help. About a
      half-mile later, experiencing frightening chest pains, I found a
      house where wonderful angels lived, both human and canine. The
      gentleman of the house called for help, and also being a heart
      patient, understood my problem and helped me get my heart under
      The volunteer fire company arrived, but there was no way to save
      Reevey. She exploded and burned to the ground on that mountain road
      in Tennesee. My new friends helped me get to Knoxville so I could
      rent a car and get myself back home to Pennsylvania. I'm home safe
      and am recovering and am mourning the loss of my beloved Reevey. My
      friends, many of whom have enjoyed good times aboard her also, are
      going to join me for a "wake" for her soon.
      It's too soon for me to decide what, if anything, I will do to
      replace her. But, because I cannot travel without the ability to rest
      frequently, I may very well get another motorhome or possibly a
      travel trailer. I am hoping I may be allowed to stay here in the club
      for a while until I can find something I can afford.
      I have a 1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer with a V-6 engine. I am wondering if
      it can serve as a tow vehicle for a small travel trailer. Can anyone
      give me some ideas about that? Also, as I have never really looked at
      travel trailers, some idea of the amenities they usually include
      (bath and kitchen facilities)?

      Thanks to you all,

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