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758Re: [classicrv] Went Camping- Where Please?

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  • GJRomano3@cs.com
    Aug 1, 2000
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      In a message dated 7/31/00 11:28:58 PM Central Daylight Time,
      sdl39@... writes:

      << Hi, everyone!
      Well, I went camping last weekend. I got there and back with no major
      problems but then I didn't go too far, either. There's a nice
      campground on the other side of the township where I used to set up a
      seasonal campsite. >>

      It would be wonderful for me at least to know where you folks camped.
      Location, ETC.. I am one of those folks who goes along mentality when you
      tell of your experiences and my first question is, where did he camp at.
      Maybe I am one of the odd balls of life, but! I for one would enjoy knowing
      where. I might want to go there myself.

      I know I will be boring you all once we hit the road with reports of what
      Toni and I experience, especially the camp sites we stay at, free, or paid

      Best to the list, GJ
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