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7238Re: [classicrv] Weak Magic Chef stove

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  • fgwva
    Nov 5, 2001
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      It's me again, this mess caught my eye, And I had to reply to it.. AND I AM NOT BEING NASTY, off topic, but came to mind.

      I bought a Star Craft camper, used and was taken in on the price of it, I didn't know all the problems it had until I got it home etc. I noticed the hot water tank was by -passed (fittings connected together to take it out of the system) I connected the INLET and turned the water on, it flooded the camper. I totally removed the HW heater, pulled the box from around it etc.. The owner b4 me let it freeze and burst. I took it to a local welding company, they welded the aluminum split seam and charged me $30.00, I saved over $300.00 by doing this.
      When I got it back home, I connected it up outside of the camper with water lines and connected a gas line to it to test it, it worked great, now it is back in the camper heating water like crazy! Big bucks ahead, until my wife wanted the money I saved!!!!!

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      I did not see the following mentioned in the thread, so if this is a repeat
      I'm sorry. In the first season with my rig I had a problem with the hot
      water heater, and could not adjust the flame as I though it should be. I
      found out that some very small, almost microscopic, red spiders had taken up
      residence in the orifice of the gas jet. When I quizzed the old-timer that
      works at the parts counter in my favorite RV dealer he said this was a
      common occurrence, and to watch for infestations in stoves and furnaces as
      well. Not sure if this is a local to NH, or the northeast, phenomena, so
      your mileage may vary. He also advised spraying WD-40 on the jets when you
      winterize to keep these guys from creeping in. Most important is he said DO
      NOT spray WD-40 on the jets if you PLAN TO USE THEM WITHIN 30 DAYS, only if
      you are storing for a lengthy winter slumber. Hope you find the problem
      Eryn, and ignore the other rumbling :-)

      Joel in NH

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      > fgwva wrote:
      > >
      > > A good test for you Tom... stick you butt over the flame on your
      > > camper stove...
      > All right. That's about enough. While I appreciate all the great ideas
      > and advice about the stove (truly!), rudeness is not required. Let's
      > keep these conversations civilized. It really sucks to open up the old
      > inbox expecting some useful, friendly, or interesting email and get
      > sprayed with vitriol. Find a bar if you want to brawl.
      > Thank you for all the great ideas. I've got several things to try. I
      > appreciate it.
      > Yours,
      > Eryn
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